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Right now, I am not working on any active games. Below you can see the games I have operated/developed for in the past.

Mono Country

Mono Country Screenshot Operating: 2005 - 2012

Mono Country was the first game created and operated by Dabomstew and MCCodes. Since the release of Mono District, activity has dried up somewhat, but it was still very much a playable game. Mono Country was the basis on which the MCCodes were created.



Mono District

Mono District Screenshot Operating: May 2009 - 2012

Mono District was in most areas the successor to Mono Country, although the former remained open for players' sake.

Mono District contained a much newer engine and exciting features which attracted a strong player base.

There are no plans to release a version of MCCodes based off Mono District at this time.

A spiritual successor to Mono District called EuroGangster is available here.



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