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MCCodes Free

MCCodes Lite MCCodes Free is a stripped down version of the original MCCodes released for free, intended to be a barebones engine that game developers can then work on to build their RPG game.

MCCodes Free has few official updates, but there are several community projects to improve it or port it to another platform.

If any of these projects make significant progress or are completed, we will provide a link here.

MCCodes V1

MCCodes v1 MCCodes v1 was the first MCCodes version to be sold to the public in 2006.

Significant progress has been made in the text RPG world since its release, but many a game has started from this base.

MCCodes v1 offered an engine that is easy to understand and build your own ideas from.

Current Price: No Longer Available

MCCodes V2

MCCodes v2 MCCodes v2 is a redesign of MCCodes V1 with lots of additional features to make running a game easier.

It is well worth the higher price tag as it provides a solid engine from which to design an up-to-date text RPG that is fun to play.

MCCodes v2 also introduces database classes and other similar functions to make it easier to port to other database engines, or languages.

Current Price: $100.00 USD

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